Don't let COVID-19 stand in your way - Here's a resource kit that assists you, the teacher, in developing the love of theatre amongst your students.

The kit is a comprehensive store of content and classroom activities covering the development of theatre and democracy from their beginnings in ancient Greece, as well as the fascinating story of Sir James Martin, a giant of public life in colonial NSW.

Working through the eleven lessons in the kit is a great way to prepare classes to watch videoed performances from previous Martin Lysicrates events. There are eleven lessons, all very hands-on and participatory.

The lessons explore today’s themes in ancient plays and inform how kids can create their own poems and plays, how they can analyse a great new Australian play, and how they can learn to judge plays. It’s a whole treasure house specially developed for years 7 and 8 school classes.

And there are lots of opportunities for kids to be creative by expressing themselves through writing their own plays and poems and taking photos.

Download the kit now!